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Corpse Party (PSP) Review

lovableamy | Published fri Sep 25, 2020 1:42 pm | 28 Views

Corpse Party was release on April 22, 1996 in Japan only on NEC PC-9801. It was re-released on the PlayStation Portable (Japan on August12, 2010, North America on November 22, 2011, and Europe on December 14, 2011), IOS (JP on February 9, 2012, NA and EU on August 14, 2012), and Nintendo 3DS (JP on July 30, 2015, NA on October 25, 2016, and EU on October 26, 2016) has Corpse Party: Blood Covered…Repeated Fear and re-released on Windows (JP on December 9, 2006, NA and EU on April 25, 2016) has Corpse Party: Blood Covered. The game has Japanese only voice overs with English subtitles. If you are not a fan of games without English dub option then this game isn’t for you and also if you aren’t a fan of horror. This also raises the question of why are you even looking at this review in the first place, if you don’t like horror games?

This is the first survival horror game I beat and to be honest, it wasn’t scary, maybe I’m just use to horror stuff more than I was 17 years ago. The game’s screen will flash red 95% of the time before something would happen and that prepare me for any jump scares. There is a lot of horrifying static images in this game of dead bodies and creepy ghosts, but that stuff doesn’t bother me. You do see 2D scenes of characters puking and peeing themselves, but it isn’t over the top like in the movies.

Now let’s get to the main part of this review. I will be going over the main characters, sub-characters, ghosts, villains, collectibles, locations, and endings.

Main Characters:

Ayumi Shinozaki

Seiko Shinohara

Mayu Suzumoto

Yui Shishido

Satoshi Mochida

Yuka Mochida

Yoshiki Kishinuma

Naomi Nakashima

Sub Characters:

Yuuya Kizami

Kensuke Kurosaki

Shougo Taguchi


Yuki Kanno

Tokiko Tsuji

Souichiro Shimoda

Naho Saenoki

Ryou Yoshizawa


Sachiko Shinozaki

Yoshikazu Yanagihori

there are some miner characters has well, but I won’t be listing them since you only see them once or twice in a cutscene or only hear their voice.

The game starts out like your normal horror movie with teens trying to preform a friendship ritual in their classroom, but there is always that one classmate who doesn’t believe in rituals or magic protecting spells. An Earthquake hits and the group is sent to a dimension of Heavenly Host, which was closed down 33 years ago due to a murder killing young kids in the basement of the school.

The students and teacher are of course separated in the ghostly school, but someone of them are in the same room, but in a different dimension space. You can hear them sometimes, but you can’t reach them due to there being no why of crossing to the other dimension space. There is a total of 8 characters you get to play as, 37 different endings – 5 true endings and the rest are bad/extra endings, and 84 collectibles, which are called student id tags, they belong to the students who got trapped in the ghostly school throughout the years and dead in it from fear, each other, falling down holes, ghostly children, drowning, and a crazy guy running around with a giant hammer.

The game is split into chapters and each chapter has its own save file, so if you wanted to go back to chapter 2 to pick up a few collectibles or get the bad endings, you can, which is great. Now I haven’t done much research on the original game and when you finish a chapter, it will say; See you in chapter (instant number). My guess is since this was a PC game back then, it probably came on multiple floppy disks, which you had to remove/instant to continue playing the game and this is why each chapter has its own saving option.

Since the game has multiple endings, your chance of getting a true ending for each chapter is hard, excepted chapter 1. I actually got a few bad endings before getting the true ending when I got to chapter 3, I end up using a guide to finish the final chapter, because I missed a few items and kept running into a bad ending. Yes, you can miss stuff and it will fuck you up so badly. You also get dialogue options, most of them don’t change much with the actual game play, but a few will give you a bad ending depending on the location and character. There are puzzles in this game, which I’m not a huge fan of puzzles in games, but I dealt with it. There is no combat system, only thing you can do is run away from unknown things, like ghosts and villains, pick up items, open objects, and active hidden places. The length of the game is 9 hours for the main story, but roughly 12 to 14 hours if you go for all the endings and collectibles.

I’m looking forward to playing the other games in the series, there are 3 main games and 2 sub games. Gameplay gets better and more interesting has the series goes on too.

Rating 7.5/10. Rating system is base on my experience playing the game – length of game, gameplay, and cutscenes.

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