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Hello and welcome to Multicon. We do Reviews, Playdates and More. We also enjoy having fun
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 rules (please read before posting)

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Warning Level : rules (please read before posting) GrlyzYA
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rules (please read before posting) Empty
PostSubject: rules (please read before posting)   rules (please read before posting) EmptySun Jul 31, 2011 1:55 pm

this is a website were you can come and just hang out or to find someone to trading/battle with. read reviews of new games and more

site rules

rule #1 stay on topic at all times off-topic questions will be deleted

rule #2 no double posting please use the edit button

rule #3 try not to add big files to a post or too many smilies or text shortcuts. they can lag the forum and its members.

rule #4 refrain from using vulgar or profane remarks. being offensive, racist, sexist, or insulting/flaming another user will not be tolerated.

rule #5 do not impersonate other members on the forum.

rule #6 no spamming in any sections of the forum.

rule #7 do not post useless posts to increase your post count.

rule #8 all members posts must follow the certain topic that is being discussed.

rule #9 do not make multiple accounts. We will know if you do, and you will be permanently banned.

rule #10 do not let anyone other than you and only you, use your forum account. you are responsible for your own actions.

rule #11 keep your forum name clean, and anything else on your account such as your signature, avatar, etc.

rule #12 do not create more accounts to avoid a ban.

rule #13 do not help members to avoid their ban/punishment.

rule #14 you can mini-mod. as long as your not mean to anyone

rule #15 do not pose as an Administrator, Moderator, or any staff member/forum member.

rule #16 do not argue with any staff members. they are here to keep the forum safe and organized.

rule #17 if a staff member deletes a topic/post, do not re-post what was deleted. it was deleted for a reason. If you don't understand why it was, PM the staff member that deleted it.

rule #18 do not post any pornographic or abusive material.

rule #19 do not ask for music files, video files, roms, emulators,

rule #20 If you need help, PM a staff member and they'll be glad to assist you.

rule #21 you can change your username 5 times. want you have change it 5 times i will then lock it so you can't change it anymore.
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rules (please read before posting)
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