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 Trading/Battling Rules

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Warning Level : Trading/Battling Rules GrlyzYA
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Trading/Battling Rules Empty
PostSubject: Trading/Battling Rules   Trading/Battling Rules EmptyWed Sep 07, 2011 3:07 pm

1.Do not trade or battle for money or real world items.

2.Do not give out your Full Name, Home Address or Phone Number to anyone your trading or battling with.

3.Please be friendly to any users you battle or trade with.

4.You may trade up to any number of Pokemon. Just as long as both users trade the same number of Pokemon.

5.All Pokemon traded mosh be illegal. that means no Pokesav Pokemon or anything like that.

6.Do not trade eggs. You mosh hatch all Pokemon before trading. I don't want any users coming to me saying they got a fake egg or copys. When they give the other user illegal Pokemon.

7.When you set up a trade or battle. Please leave a giving time/date. Along with what time zone your in.

8.You may battle the same user as mosh as you want as long as you had set up a battle with them before.

9.Do not use hacks why battling. I.E Infinite Health, Overpower Pokemon, Infinite PP, Etc

10.Any other questions. Just PM me or a Mod
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Trading/Battling Rules
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